Media Inspector (former "MediaInfo Mac"), the multimedia file analyzer and reporting tool for the Macintosh.

MediaInfo Mac Screenshot

Media Inspector is a tool designed for the Audio & Video professional or enthusiast. It helps in the process of analysis and reporting of multimedia files of any type.

For it's impressive multimedia analysis capabilities, Media Inspector uses a custom build of the outstanding MediaInfo Library, developed by Jerome Martinez.

It would be impossible to list all the reporting capabilities of Media Inspector in this brief introductory text, so you better download the latest version and try it for yourself.

Media Inspector main features

  • 100% adware/banners/spyware free.
  • Uses the native Mac OS X Cocoa API's for faster and better user experience.
  • Runs as a systemwide service, allowing you to analyze files on demand with just a single click. See screenshot
  • Integrates with the Mac OS X Finder adding a contextual menu item for quick file analysis. See screenshot
  • Allows you to export file reports into a plain text file or to a printer.
  • Automatically updates itself when either the core MediaInfo Library or Media Inspector is updated, so you always get the best of both worlds.